13 July 2018

On Sunday Microsoft Inspire 2018 now live!

The annual meeting with Microsoft and its worldwide partners is back. Appointment on Sunday, July the 15th 2018 (until Thursday, July the 19th), in the wonderful location “Mandalay Bay Convention Center and T-Mobile Arena” in Las Vegas (Nevada). Once again this year will be an opportunity for an alignment between Microsoft Corporation and its many and prestigious partners, spread all over the world.

It will be an edition where 4 Main Themes will be discussed, basically the main topics of this last IT year:

  • Cloud
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Mixed Reality
  • IoT (Internet of Things)

Macro themes (which obviously do not prevent the focus on other interesting aspects emerged in this last year) of major impact on our everyday life, our time and space, as well as for business, companies and their customers.

Microsoft Inspire is an opportunity to remark one of the greatest Microsoft resources, placing at the center of this steady transformation and innovation its partners, hundreds thousands companies, true extensions of Microsoft “mother” team.

Partners chosen and cultivated precisely because they are able to spread the idea of efficiency, innovation and quality of the Microsoft brand. This is the aspect that makes us at Agic Technology proud to be always present at this event, with all Microsoft “extended family”.

The meeting will unveil some important innovations planned for the next 12 months and will provide to all participants hints for the new business plans, as well as for new tools and new resources to be used to expand and innovate, losing nothing in terms of efficiency and quality.

The latest Microsoft technologies will be presented and tested, which will be decisive for the development and technological updating of partners, as planned every year, for the general improvement of services and products offered to the customers.

Among the most anticipated (and already announced) news in Las Vegas, we point out the innovations planned for Microsoft 365, such as a free version of Teams, new features for smart events, Workplace Analytics (planned for team working), new cloud technologies, apps and data (Azure Data Box Disks, Azure Virtual WAN, Azure Firewall and the AppSource implementation for Microsoft Sales), and the new “Microsoft Azure Expert MSP” initiative, designed to increase and reward the specialization of each single partner.

This is just a starter of what awaits us at Microsoft Inspire 2018. We as Agic will be there and we will keep you updated!