26 July 2019

Albanian President Ilir Meta meets X-Hub: “donating blood is an act of great humanity and helps to save lives”

Last Wednesday, the President of the Albanian Republic, Ilir Meta, visited the Palace of Culture in Tirana for the blood donation session organized by "Blood Donation Alliance" and the Albanian Association of Blood Donors. A beautiful day, marked by a great participation, which had our guys from X-Hub working as volunteers and meet personally Ilir Meta.

The President expressed his gratitude to the volunteers and to the organizers:
"I would like to thank Dr Natale Capodicasa, who, with his Albanian Association of Blood Donors, makes a continuous contribution to the cause of voluntary blood donation, while remaining, at the same time, an active member of the Blood Donation Alliance".

President Meta also stressed that these donation sessions are even more valuable because we are in the summer months, a period in which the number of donors tends to decrease: "From these donation sessions depends the lives of many people. "This cause needs more support. Blood donation is an act of love and a care that ennobles us and at the same time helps us to save lives," said Ilir Meta.